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President's Message

June 2017 – President’s Message

Camille Fremont, President, Hudson Valley NY Chapter

I am extremely honored and excited to be taking over the role of President for the Hudson Valley NY Chapter of HFMA.  Please join me in thanking Lillian Gamble for her leadership over the past year as our Chapter President.  Lillian’s hard work was critical to our success last year and allowed us to provide outstanding service to our members.  I am looking forward to working with our dedicated leadership who has already started planning another great year for you. 

It is my pleasure to introduce the rest of our Chapter’s 2017-2018 leadership team: Barbara Piasick, President Elect; Janet Cusack, Secretary; Mike Ragnetti, Treasurer; board of directors, Sarah Brainard, Will Ortiz, Christina Santullo, Camille Schiff, Joan Silverman and Justin Wright.  In addition to our board of directors, we have a number of chapter members who serve as committee chairs. Our chapter leaders and committee chairs work tirelessly to ensure that our chapter continues its strong history of success.

Our sponsors provide a vital role to our chapter.  Their generosity allows us to offer quality education programs at reasonable prices.  We are again planning several events for free this year!  On behalf of our Chapter’s leadership team, I offer my sincere appreciation for their continued support and dedication to our chapter. 

Every April, HFMA holds a Leadership Training Conference.  The conference was held this year in Arizona.  Carol Friesen, 2017-2018 HFMA Chair, introduced the National theme “Where Passion Meets Purpose”.  She encouraged attendees to pursue their passions and never forget why we do what we do.  She also reminded participants to never forget the “power of one.” 

I encourage all of you to find “where your passion meets your purpose” and consider volunteering on one of our committees.  My involvement with HFMA has been rewarding both professionally and personally.  Please feel free to contact me or any of our committee chairs if you are interested in volunteering.

Please visit our website at www.hfmahudsonvalleyny.org.  The site is updated regularly with upcoming events

I am very humbled to be your chapter president and look forward to another successful year! 

Respectfully yours,

Camille Fremont