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Recruits new members per the quota set by National. The committee will process new membership applications, and will be responsible for calling and inviting new members to monthly meetings to receive certificates. Reports membership statistics at monthly meetings and for Newsletter.

Committee Leadership

Camille Schiff cmschiff@drsnyc.com

Committee Update

The 2013-2014 chapter year saw a 5% growth in membership, exceeding our goal. For 2014-2015, we want to continue the
upward trend. The membership committee is currently hard at work making sure that all of our members get their renewals
in. We are looking for mentors for our new members and committee members to help us recruit new members. The
membership committee is also eager to insure we are meeting member needs and that the chapter is providing value to you
and your facility/organization. Reach out to Camille Schiff cmschiff@drsnyc.com so she can recruit you to be a member
of the Membership Committee.