How to Register

How to Register

We know there is some confusion surrounding this, so we thought we would note the differences to make your journey on our new site a pleasant one! (And, we are still learning it so we want your experience navigating our site to be good!)

HFMA Membership.  This is your HFMA Association Membership. This is what you pay for to access all of the wonderful things HFMA National has to offer. As a chapter within the organization your membership also allows you access to our chapter offerings at a discount and sometimes even free! 

This membership provides you with access to the HFMA National website ( via your account there. This is usually your username which also has a member ID tied to it!

When you register with HFMA you get to choose a chapter. Many of you have chosen us! (Thank you!). This gets you on our mailing lists and some other things. We will use that list to load our chapter members to OUR website (more info below on that) as well as other things. But.... our website is NOT tied to the HFMA National database at all (we wish it was). *

HFMA Hudson Valley NY (this website) Membership.