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Earning the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional Designation

Certified Healthcare Financial Professional® (CHFP) Information

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The CHFP® (Certified Healthcare Financial Professional) certification is designed mid-level healthcare professionals with a minimum of 3-5 years management experience in healthcare provider operations. CHFP certification demonstrates your qualifications to senior management, co-workers, and the industry – highlighting your commitment to the profession and to maintaining up-to-date skills and knowledge.

CHFP Requirements:

  • a minimum of 3-5 years healthcare financial management experience

  • successful completion of the CHFP certification examination

  • current and active regular or advanced HFMA membership*

More information about the CHFP program is available by downloading the FAQ documentation. *Student membership does not count toward this total.

CHFP Online Study Materials

The Healthcare Finance Core Curriculum online study preparation for the CHFP examination is available for purchase.

The cost for study materials is $195 ($295 non-members). The materials are available for one calendar year from date of purchase. CHFP study materials are recommended but not required for CHFP testing candidates. The preparation materials are designed as an online learning experience

CHFP Online Examination Registration

The CHFP examination is delivered via the Internet by Castle Worldwide.

Registration and all scheduling arrangements will be handled through Castle Worldwide’s website, including payment for the exam.

Note: The 2011 CHFP certification costs are $395. This includes all application, testing, and processing fees. Should you not pass the examination, the retest fee is $200.

Contact the Castle Worldwide main support desk with any questions: 1-919-572-6880. For information about the certification exam policies and procedures that exam candidates agree to abide by, download the CHFP Examination Candidate Handbook. Castle Worldwide Testing Centers View a listing of the cities, states and zip-codes in which Castle Worldwide sites are available. When registering, candidates will be able to view the exact address for their selected testing site prior to confirmation. The majority of Castle Worldwide sites are open for testing Monday through Saturday during normal business hours. Exam candidates may select a date and time based on site availability during exam registration (online via Castle’s website). Certification Inquiries For more information about the HFMA Certification Programs, contact the Certification Department by e-mail at certification@hfma.org or by phone at (800) 252-4362 and ask for Certification. For more specifics on Certification visit the HFMA National web-site at:: http://www.hfma.org/chfp/ Earning the Fellow of HFMA Designation Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association® (FHFMA) Requirements Requirements for FHFMA® certification include:

Maintaining My Certification Basic Requirements HFMA members who have earned either the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) or Fellow of HFMA (FHFMA) designation must maintain their certification by meeting two basic requirements:

  • Remain an active HFMA member in good standing

  • Complete 90 contact hours in eligible education programs every three years (a contact hour is 50 minutes of continuous programming, excluding meals, breaks, or social activities). In addition:

    • At least half (45) of these contact hours must in healthcare finance-related topics

    • At least 20 contact hours must be completed in each of the three years Reporting Your Education Activities

You must show evidence of maintaining your CHFP or FHFMA designation every three years. Your three-year reporting period ends on May 31 of the “Good thru” year shown in your member record and begins on June 1 three years prior to your “Good thru” year. Failure to meet the maintenance requirements by May 31 of the “Good thru” year will result in removal of your designation on September 1 of the “Good thru” year. The designation must then be re-earned by successfully completing the required certification exams and meeting the other requirements for certification. Please note that failure to renew your HFMA membership can also lead to removal of your designation. It is your responsibility to self-report your education activities using the online reporting tool. The only activities that do not need to be self-reported are activities sponsored by HFMA National for which you have received CPE credit. Download a list of eligible activities. Access the online reporting tool (available to certified members only; login required) and directions for using the tool.

Maintenance FAQs

Q: How can I view my current CPE/EDU points?
A: You can access reports for current activities and all historical points using this online tool. You will need your HFMA user name and password to log in; once logged in, scroll down to access your reports. Points are shown as CPE and EDU points.

Q: I attended a day-long seminar. How do I calculate contact hours for this event?
A: First, add up the total length of the seminar. Next, subtract the time for breaks, meals, and social events. Finally, divide the total by 50 and round down to the nearest whole number. This is your total number of contact hours for the event.

Q: Can I mail in hard-copy documentation of my attendance at an event?
A: No. Education activity must be reported using our online reporting tool. You should, however, maintain in your own files documentation of eligible events you have attended for at least one year past the end of your certification renewal date.

Q: I recently attended an event sponsored by my local HFMA chapter. Do I need to report my education hours for this event?
A: Yes. The only events that do not need to be self-reported are activities sponsored by HFMA National for which you have received CPE credit. It is your responsibility to self-report your education activities for all other activities, including attending chapter-sponsored events, proctoring a certification exam, etc.

Q: I’ve discovered a mistake in the online record of my education activities. Can I edit my record online?
A: No – members do not have the capability to edit entries in their online record. Please submit any changes in writing to certification@hfma.org. Be sure to provide enough detail so the edit can be made correctly by HFMA staff.

Q: I’ve recently retired from my position. Do I still have to meet certification maintenance requirements?
A: If you’ve retired fully from employment prior to the end of your current reporting cycle, you can receive “emeritus” status by informing HFMA in an e-mail to certification@hfma.org. Members granted emeritus status retain their designation status and are exempt from certification maintenance requirements as long as they remain retired. Waivers from certification maintenance requirements may also be granted by the Board of Examiners in cases of foreign residency, health problems, military service, or other cases where a similar hardship prevents completion of the requirements. Contact certification@hfma.org if you need more information about seeking a waiver. For general information about HFMA Certifications, please click here.