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Chairman's Theme

I believe everyone has a special purpose, and those of us called to healthcare finance have a unique role as we are met each day with the challenge of reimagining and transforming what we know into what patients and their families needand deserve. It’s a calling to stewardship of lives, relationships, and resources, and it allows us the privilege and honor to serve others every day in both small and big ways. As a result, we are blessed to see the impact of our work in—and through—the lives of others.  Read more Carol Friesen Theme for 2017/18 !

I am extremely honored and excited to be taking over the role of President for the Hudson Valley NY Chapter of HFMA. Please join me in thanking Lillian Gamble for her leadership over the past year as our Chapter President. Lillian’s hard work was critical to our success last year and allowed us to provide outstanding service to our members. I am looking forward to working with our dedicated leadership who has already started planning another great year for you. (Read More)

Learn, analyze, apply. The Healthcare Financial Management Association can help you change the world of healthcare finance.  Dive in and check out all that HFMA has to offer on the national website: www.hfma.org  

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